1:1 Program Needs & Assessment Application

*We are currently wait listing for our 1:1 camper support program for the 2024 camp season. If you would like to ensure your space on the waitlist – you MUST complete this form prior to registering for the summer camp*


In collaboration with Behavioural Sciences Professors from Mohawk College’s Health Studies program, we have developed a Special Needs Questionnaire below. Providing detailed information and sharing successful strategies that you and your camper have learned to address your unique needs will help us provide a meaningful camp experience.

While we are able to support a wide variety of exceptionalities, our 1:1 Camper Support Workers are post-secondary students in the Autism & Behavioural Sciences program at Mohawk College. They are not trained EAs, child & youth workers, OTs, etc. All campers must have control of bowel and bladder, and be verbal, as our facilities and staff are not equipped to care for campers who require regular support in these areas.

Please note that this form is an application to our camps 1:1 program and does not guarantee registration in the program. The 1:1 program offers registration for 2 consecutive weeks of camp and cannot be broken up into 1 week sections. You will have the opportunity to be placed on the waitlist for additional sessions/if sessions are full.  We cannot guarantee that the waitlist will open up, though we try our best to get you in to camp & keep you informed of the likelihood.

There are two ways that the waitlist advances:

  1. If someone already registered drops out of their space, then we immediately turn to the
    waitlist to see if the next person would like to fill that space, and continue to move
    down the waitlist until someone jumps on it. We will do this right up until the start of
    the session if someone drops out that late.
  2. The other way that space opens are dependent on general camp registration. Weeks
    where we have lower enrollment but still our full staff team then we’ll open more
    spaces in the 1:1 support program. This tends to happen about 2 weeks prior to the
    start of each session.

Any information shared will be reviewed by our Program Manager. We will be in contact to confirm whether we are able to accommodate your request for registration once your application has been reviewed by our team.

If your camper has an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) that has been developed elsewhere that you would like to share with us, please include this with the submission of your form.

Please fill out this online form as it relates to your camper. Please indicate N/A for questions that do not apply. All camper information fields are mandatory.

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