She came home exhausted and full of great stories every day!
– Erin F. | Camp attended: Fusion

This was my sons first year at camp and he loved each week he was there! Full of activities (especially the sports camp) and he was tired at the end of each day! We will be back!
– Trish S. | Camp attended: Jr. Hawks/Sports of all Sorts

My son’s first year going to Mohawk College Summer Camp was great! He loved doing different activities around campus and never felt bored.  We tried 2 weeks this year and we will be signing up for more next year for sure! The staff were great with the kids!
– Jodi H. | Camp attended: WOW

My daughter’s first experience at a summer camp was through Mohawk College’s summer program and she loved it! Everyday when she woke up, she couldn’t wait to get there. The staff were amazing and friendly and addressed any concerns with me over the phone and at drop-off and pick-ups. We had a great first experience.
– Sarah L. | Camp attended: WOW

My daughter loved the WOW camp! It was her first year and staff helped us to keep her with another friend who was attending. The counsellors were friendly and each morning my daughter would run off, yelling “bye mom!” She couldn’t wait to get there to see staff and her friends. We will be back next year for sure.
– Christina C. | Camp attended: WOW

My daughter loved the experience and said that of all the camps she went this summer WOW was her favourite. Well done!
– Anna K. | Camp attended: WOW

Signing up for camp at Mohawk was the best decision we made all summer. Our son loved the variety of activities, the trips on the school buses, and learned some pretty fancy dance moves too! We’ll be back next year! | Camp attended: WOW

My granddaughter loves this camp, will definitely come back again!
– Catherine W. | Camp attended: Fusion

My daughter has lots of fun stories to tell each day on the way home from Mohawk Summer Camp. I could tell that she had been busy and having a great time as she often couldn’t make it home without a short nap in the car!
– David W. | Camp attended: WOW

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the power of dance camp. She enjoyed the different dance styles and all the special guests. She really liked performing at the end of the week.
– Catherine R. | Camp attended: Power of Dance

Highly impressed with the positive energy & eagerness of all the staff.  The camp is so well organized and geared for kids to have fun!
Marilyn C. | Camp attended: WOW/Fusion

Science week was awesome, crafts were super cool! Definitely will return for another week next summer!
– Kim D. | Camp attended: WOW/Fusion

This was my daughter’s first experience at Mohawk Summer camp and we couldn’t be happier. I had heard how highly rated this camp was and took the opportunity to send her (from Toronto) to Hamilton to stay with my parents. My father found pick up and drop off very simple and easy to do. My daughter was absolutely enthralled with both camp weeks – Fusion and Sports. She actually dreaded the sports theme, but once she completed her first day, loved each and every day. She made friends easily and would tell me how much fun the theme guests were or how much fun the outing was. Honestly, I didn’t expect this kind of outcome! And, here’s hoping my parents will agree to an extra week next year 🙂
– Liza A. | Camp attended: Fusion/Sports of all Sorts

My daughter is currently battling cancer and had the opportunity to attend Mohawk College Camp and she absolutely loved it. It was so nice to have a camp where she was afforded the same fun as other kids her age despite having cancer. The counsellors were aware, but didn’t treat her any differently. She thoroughly enjoyed her time there and told everyone she went to “college”. It was so cute! Thanks to the great counsellors there! You made her summer very special!
– Amy W. | Camp attended: WOW

Kids loved the program!
– Stephani I. | Camp attended: Jr. Hawks

Our kids had a blast with Mohawk this summer! Action packed days with terrific staff! Thank you so much!!
– Kaley W. | Camp attended: WOW/Power of Dance/Sports of all Sorts

My son enjoyed the fusion camp so much. He loved the trips and the talent show. The counsellors were great.
– Victoria M. | Camp attended: Fusion

My 2 children age 5 & 8 loved the 2 weeks they spent at camp this year! I wish I had booked another week or 2. We will be back next year!
– Jennifer Q. | Camp attended: WOW/Fusion

Great experience!!!!! Loved it!
– Christine D. | Camp attended: WOW

Jack enjoyed his time at camp for two weeks. Really liked the lazermaze and talent show.
Jenn H. | Camp attended: Jr. Hawks

My son had a great time!
– Melissa S. | Camp attended: Fusion

My son came home tired but excited to share his day. Every day he had something new and exciting to share. Staff was amazing every day and my son is already talking about next summer.
– Angela | Camp attended: WOW

Super friendly staff and teachers.
– Richard Y. | Camp attended: WOW

My son had an amazing time at camp. Lots of fun activities kept him engaged for the whole week!
– Jennifer L. | Camp attended: Fusion

My daughter(5) attended her first year of WOW, Superhero camp at Mohawk College. The counsellors were always smiling and energetic and really made all the kids feel welcome. There were many activities that my daughter was excited to tell us about each day and will definitely be returning for another camp season next year. The before and after care is fantastic and helps with work schedules. Thank you for a great week!
– Karen | Camp attended: WOW

My son really enjoyed it and he was telling me that he wants to come back next summer!!
Camp attended: Fusion

First year, amazing experience. My daughter was sad camp came to an end! Looked forward to going daily! Absolutely nothing but great things to say about this well run camp!
– Shaunna | Camp attended: Power of Dance

Our daughter had an amazing time and met lots of new friends. The off site trips were great and pizza day on Friday was the best! The staff were fantastic and very friendly. Would highly recommend this camp!!!
– Tiffany | Camp attended: Fusion

My son came home every day and said his day was “awesome”.  Every morning, he hopped straight out of bed when it was a camp day and was always excited to go.
– Chris & Andy | Camp attended: WOW

Music in Motion was phenomenal,  the counsellors were fantastic and my daughter loved it.
– Catherine | Camp attended: Music in Motion

My daughter loved coming each week as she participated in multiple weeks during each summer.
– Rosa F. | Camp attended: WOW

My girls had an amazing time at Mohawk Summer Camp – they are repeat campers and we’re planning on adding more weeks next summer. Can’t beat the price, location and fun!
– Lana W. | Camp attended: Fusion

The staff and programming at Mohawk Camp are top notch! Weekly sessions are well organized and camp information is given to parents with a lot of advance notice. I appreciated that. Thank you for keeping my child engaged and for sending her home exhausted after each amazing day.
– Wendy S. | Camp attended: WOW/Music in Motion

My children and I love the camps at Mohawk College. There is a variety of activities that the kids do and the staff are amazing. I feel very confident leaving my children at Mohawk Camp and would recommend it to anyone. We come back every year and my daughters always have fun!
– Angie R. | Camp attended: Music in Motion

This is my daughter’s second year at Fusion Camp at Mohawk College.  As a parent I love the organization of the camp.  At the beginning of every week you receive a calendar with the weeks activities.  This was helpful in having conversations with my daughter about the fun things she did in the day and all the upcoming activites she has to look forward to for the week.  The guest speakers, field trips, and activities were well thought out and my daughter enjoyed everything!  This is one of her favourite camps and she can’t wait to go back next summer!
– Angela Z. | Camp attended: Fusion

My daughter loved Fusion camp at Mohawk this summer.  The variety of activities offered was fantastic.  Staff were so enthusiastic and great with children.  We had a super experience at the camp.
– Heida M. | Camp attended: Fusion

My daughter is a bit shy and was nervous on her first day of camp (even though she had been the previous year) and seeing the warm welcoming faces of the same counsellors from the previous year really eased her (and my) mind that first day. The best part of that first day was that they remembered her from the year before and even remembered her name. The smile on her face when they realized they remembered her too was amazing to see. The caring staff really made her experience an excellent one.
– Stephanie L. | Camp attended: WOW

Both my boys had a great time and had wonderful stories at the end of each day!
– Lisa B. | Camp attended: Fusion

My kids spent 3 weeks at Mohawk Summer Camp and loved each and every week of it. There was always something going on that they were looking forward to. They experienced other camps this summer and the 3 Mohawk weeks were their favourite.
– Caroline M. | Camp attended: WOW/Music in Motion

The camp is a wonderful experience. My daughter who is autistic enjoyed it and asks to attend every year. The activities are well planned and fun. The field trips, face painting and daily entertainment are a nice touch to a great program.
– Kessi B. | Camp attended: Fusion/Sports/Music in Motion

My child experienced the camp program for her 3rd summer and had a great two weeks.  The staff are very engaged with the campers, and easily engage with the parents, answering questions and giving feedback quickly and efficiently. It was a positive atmosphere and my child’s independence and self-confidence improved over her weeks there.  She even performed in the week ending Talent Show which she was too nervous to do in past years.  It was a big achievement for her.  Big thanks to the super supportive staff.
Colleen L. | Camp attended: Fusion

This is the second year my two children (age 9 and 11) have been coming to Mohawk Summer Camp and they love it! The camp programming meets all the criteria of a positive experience at camp – engaging counsellors, fun and exciting activities and a safe, clean environment for our children! The  extended hours are perfect for working families!
Camp attended: Jr. Hawks

The camp offers a variety of programs by taking advantage of the different facilities the Mohawk Campus has to offer.
Camp attended: Fusion

My daughter, Alyssa loves going to Mohawk College Summer Camp!  It is an amazing atmosphere and there are amazing counsellors!  There is always lots of fun activities going on and the weekly flyer to let parents know what their child(ren) is doing is such a great idea!
– Emily | Camp attended: Fusion/Music in Motion

My son absolutely loved the camps and he really loves the staff. He had been attending for last 3 years. Overall great experience.
– Mandy G.

I am so impressed with Mohawk College Summer Camp!  My two children love the staff, the activities, the off-site trips and the guest speakers!  Rain or shine, the camp counsellors keep them busy with lots of fun activities.  The friends and memories they make at camp will last a lifetime!  See  you next year!
– Carole J. | Camp attended: Jr. Hawks/Fusion

Natalie loves attending Mohawk Summer Camp. She started asking about next summer as early as the first day of school.
– Lee-Ann M. | Camp attended: WOW/Fusion

My kids loved going to camp this summer at Mohawk College. As a parent, I enjoyed them doing things in the community (ie. watering flowers around the campus) as well as being able to play, make new friends and being able to sing at the Talent Show.  The counsellors are truly amazing.  My kids loved being around them.  Also, it is very impressive that by the second day the counsellors knew the kids name and their parents.  Truly an amazing experience.
– Serafina P. | Camp attended: WOW/Fusion/Jr. Hawks

Love this  camp!  Every years it gets better and better.  Counsellors are fun and energetic and this camp offers accommodations for the children that require early/late drop off/pick up.
– Lisa G. | Camp attended: Jr. Hawks/Power of Dance

My child has been going to Mohawk Summer Camp for 5 years and it’s the only camp he wants to continue to go too!  He loves the staff and the activities and looks forward to the camp every summer.  All the staff are pleasant, inviting and have a way of making the children all feel special!  I would highly recommend this camp for any age!
Camp attended: Jr. Hawks